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Our VTCT Level 5 laser tattoo removal training program that has both a high quality of instruction and high relevance to the realities of business and patient care. Our 3-day training course is devoted exclusively to laser tattoo removal, and our training clients select our training program because they know they want to perform this procedure and want the most practical and realistic experience possible.

There are many training programs around the world that offer courses that touch on laser tattoo removal as part of a general education. Our course is well-known as the “go-to” course for medical professionals, experienced entrepreneurs, and leading tattoo artists that want the premier laser tattoo removal course.

We focus on attention on this one procedure and have many training clients that have been to the generic laser courses before and attend our course to get a complete exposure to this topic.


Our VTCT Level 5 tattoo removal course covers everything you need to know for starting up your own tattoo removal company.

  • Learn everything you need to know to start up and run your own lucrative tattoo removal business.
  • Benefit from the experience of directors from one of London’s most successful tattoo removal companies.
  • The course includes theory, practical experience, advanced techniques and business marketing advice.

The course covers theory, practical training, and all aspects of setting up a successful business. You will be able to tap into the knowledge of the directors of the company, who have personally performed thousands of treatments on clients, including celebrities and professional sports men, and benefit from their extensive experience.

To ensure every learner gets the most from the course, there is a maximum of five spaces available for each date.


  • Laser physics – knowledge of Q Switched Lasers
  • Definitions of laser
  • Classifications of laser
  • Interaction of laser with tissue
  • Effects of laser radiation on eye
  • Laser safety
  • Health & Safety
  • Anatomy & Physiology of skin
  • Client Care & Communication/ Consultations
  • Skin Types – Fitzpatrick Scale
  • Contra indications/Actions
  • Pre / Post care

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