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Price£ 250
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This course offers invaluable content to help you develop your consultation and recommendation techniques. Using teachers experienced in cosmetic sales, it helps you perfect your sales technique; helping to generate more leads and ensure a far higher conversion rate.
The Sales Course includes:
  • Laying the foundation for a successful close
  • Avoiding pitfalls along the way
  • Proven closing techniques (Outlined and illustrated)
  • Handling objections
  • Dealing with ‘price’
  • The subtle art of asking
  • Highlighting the ‘value’ element of your offer
  • Post sales analysis
  • Understand the importance of the first 30 seconds
  • Selling to existing clients and cross/up selling
  • Understand buyer behaviour and why people buy
  • Practice the skills learned in a safe environment
  • Know—do scripts really work?
  • Understand the relationship between attitude, activity and results
  • Handle the fear of rejection in a positive manner
  • Build rapport by knowing the skills of questioning and listening
  • Establish your client needs and match your product as a solution

Upcoming Course Dates

20th November: Cheshire

11th December: London

22nd January Bristol

3rd February: Dublin

12th February: London

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