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Laser & IPL course

More and  more insurance companies and local borough’s are asking for level 4 Laser & IPL qualification and with new legislation on the horizon, it is now more important than ever that you have this qualification.

The NVQ Level 4 Laser & IPL Course trains technicians to the highest possible standards as well as offering an introduction to health and safety in operating laser technology.

To apply for this rigorous training programme you need to be over 18, have 8 GCSEs as well as excellent command of the English language.

The course lasts six days and will include:

Day 1

Overview of IPL and Laser

  • Laser Physics
  • Definition of Laser
  • Laser Classification
  • The difference between Laser and IPL
  • Types of medical and hair removal lasers – How to choose the right laser
  • Skin and hair biology
  • The causes and definitions of hair growth, hair and effects of hormones
  • Different types of hair growth.
  • Skin types

Day 2

Carrying out a consultation

  • Patient consultation and communication
  • Detailed paperwork
  • Skin types and their impact on laser settings
  • Consent forms
  • Information including medical contra-indications
  • Pre-treatment considerations
  • How to take a client’s medical history
  • Circumstances in which a doctor’s referral or approval is required
  • Aftercare and homecare advice.
  • The correct use of ‘Treatment Log books’


  • Patch testing procedure
  • Treatment protocols
  • Effectiveness of treatments
  • Length between sessions
  • Conditions to be treated
  • Safe parameters of laser machines for effective treatments
  • Describing the physical sensation of the treatment to the client
  • Adverse reactions and what to do
  • Treating acne, rosacea, thread veins, pigmentation with laser/IPL systems

Day 3 – 5 Practical

  • How to prepare a client for treatment
  • Live demonstrations
  • Practice sessions for students to perform laser hair removal treatments on various areas and hair types
  • Practice sessions for students to perform laser thread vein removal treatments
  • Practice sessions for students to perform laser photo-rejuvenation and Photo-Rejuvenation.
  • Product insight to match kin types with professional products.

Day 6

Practical Assessment


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