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4 Jun 2018

The five secrets to effective social media marketing

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At Advance all our teachers have started and continue to run their own successful clinics. With years of experience, we know that one of the biggest challenges to fledgling clinicians is marketing, particularly with a new business when budgets can be tight. However, social media can offer an effective and low cost method of getting your brand some well-deserved attention. So we have probed our network of teachers and found their best methods of generating new leads and converting browsers into buyers.

  1. Facebook Ads

Facebook can prove to be an immensely powerful tool in growing your business. Given the nature of our business, we all want to attract local people, which is where Facebook can be rather helpful. With Facebook Ads, you can put as little as £5 behind an ad and then target it at certain sectors or segments. This means you can target your ideal demographic – for example, women who are over 50 in South London, without having to invest a huge amount of money.

  1. Instagram

Whilst a lot of what we do is certainly aimed at an older demographic, who may not necessarily be using Instagram, a number of our laser procedures will be of immense interest to the 18-40 age range who are incredibly active on Instagram. By taking before and after pictures of your clients (with their consent) you can easily build an arsenal of compelling visual content. And don’t be afraid to use lots of hashtags, try and see what is trending within the health and wellness sector so even associated hashtags like #avocado or #beautytips may generate some interest.

  1. Twitter

To tweet or not to tweet is the question. On the one hand, Twitter is used by millions of people and is a completely free method of advertising. On the other hand, to really generate some interest on Twitter takes a huge amount of time, and we mean huge! To really effectively utilise Twitter you need to be constantly retweeting, replying and engaging with other active users in your area. Take time to consider if you really want this to be part of your marketing strategy, and if so, do consider some training. This is an affordable way to make the most of this service.

  1. Facebook Live

Facebook Live offers an innovative twist on traditional marketing; offering you a way of videoing yourself live. This could be during a procedure (again, and we cannot stress this enough, with the consent of a client) or a tour around your surgery. Costing absolutely nothing, but guaranteed to make it to the top of your follower’s newsfeeds (thanks to Facebook’s algorithms) it is a fantastic way of engaging with your Facebook fans.

  1. Positioning

Before engaging in any marketing – make sure you have given some thought as to your brand positioning. Do you want to be perceived as funny? Serious? Clinical? And far more importantly what do your clients expect from you? Have a think as to your tone of voice and style to help root your social media in solid foundations and really do your brand justice.

If you would like any more advice from some of our fantastic teachers please call us on 0208 876 3999 or email us on info@advanceclinictrainingandconsultancy.com.

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