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4 Jun 2018

Changing careers: why skin may be your future

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According to leading dermatologists there is currently a shortage of skin specialists. In fact, out of 800 positions available in the UK, 200 are unfilled – a situation that has been getting worse over the past decade. Sadly, this has put an enormous strain on the number of skin specialists on the market and means a number of people with acne are going untreated with interminable queues and never ending waits.

Now, whilst at Advance Training and Consultancy we do provide a rigorous and in-depth training for skin technicians, we cannot make you a doctor. However, with the skills you learn on one of our many courses you will have an ever-increasing pool of patients, who whilst unable to afford private healthcare, are tired of the endless waits associated the NHS. Because, whilst an aesthetics practitioner may not be a doctor, we can absolutely help treat acne – helping to redefine the texture of our patient’s skin and making them glow – inside and out. At Advance we have worked with a range of individuals looking to change careers – many who have worked in one industry for some time and are feeling a little stagnant. And we know that there are people out there who crave the flexibility and autonomy that comes with being self-employed. Well, once you have finished one of our courses you can begin as a self-employed professional (just make sure you have insurance) – and, of course, for those who are slightly anxious about starting their own business, our Advance consultancy programme offers expert advice on how to successfully start your own business.

All of our courses are perfectly designed for individuals with a good bedside manner and who are genuinely passionate about helping other people. We have worked with a number of nurses and teachers – many of whom already had a wealth of experience in adaptability and flexibility. However, we have also worked with sales executives and HR professionals who are simply looking for a change of scene as they, perhaps, pass a milestone in their personal or professional life.

With courses starting at only £400.00 all inclusive, Advance Training and Consultancy offers an affordable investment to the start of your next chapter. With courses available around the UK in:

  • Beginner courses in becoming an aesthetic practitioner
  • Laser & IPL Course for Beginners
  • Fast Track Laser Course
  • VRQ/NVQ Level 4 Laser Course
  • Becoming a Skin Specialist
  • Stepping Up into Aesthetics
  • Advanced Skin Analysis
  • Level 2 Facial Massage & Skincare Course
  • Level 3 Facial Electro-therapy Course
  • Advanced Aesthetics Skin Course
  • Micro-Needling Training
  • Tattoo Removal Course
  • Radiofrequency Training
  • Chemical Peel Course
  • Sales Course

There really is no limit on how far you can stretch your new skills, constantly expanding and growing your business through more qualifications.

If you would like to change careers have a look at our Beginners Course

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